Jerusalem is home to people and communities from across the globe and the depths of history. Developments in communication and technology have broken past barriers of distance and language, giving rise to new forms of personal and collective expression and organization.

Bar-Kayma (“Sustainable” in Hebrew and Aramaic) for Culture, Art, Music and Peace in Jerusalem fosters a creative community and encourages utilization of technology, humor and crowdsourcing to form independent and innovative artistic and cultural enterprises. By connecting artists, cultural institutions and the public, we work to create a diverse, accessible cultural playground open to all residents and visitors of Jerusalem.

Our goal is to simplify the bureaucracy for the artists and cultural activists working with us, through guidance, mentoring, professional and emotional support and developing management skills, shared resources and collaborative tools. This allows our projects to focus on creating meaningful experiences and artwork that will reflect and form contemporary local culture.

Our projects include a community art gallery, live concert and recording venue, 2 online radio stations, theatre, dance, music and art collectives working in various media and public spaces, projects connecting Jewish and Arab artists and communities from East and West Jerusalem and more.

Bar-Kayma was established in 2006 and is accepting projects since 2012.

Noam Kuzar - CEO
Reinhard "Suave" Sato - ART DIRECTOR

Nisim Mossek
Eyal Lavit
Nili Perelmuter
Emiko Kojima